Selected Press

2022 The Australian Jewish News - 'Exhibiting In Barcelona'  Page 26 JUN 03 22

2022 The Weekend Australia - Review - SPOTLIGHT Interview by Jack Kelly JAN 22 - 23 

2022 Artist Profile - Alchemy - JAN/FEB 

2022 Seesaw Magazine - Facing the past to face the future by Craig McKeough JAN 22


2022 Artist Chronicle Issue 201 JAN/FEB - There-Is Alchemy

2019 Artist Profile -  Daniel Pateman Sonia Payes

2019 Q + A: Sonia Payes Art Edit

2018 Ashley Crawford Sonia Payes Artist Profile

2017 Art Edit Sonia Payes "Artist Profile - The Road Less Travelled"

2016 Sasha Grishin The Article Sonia Payes – Regenerating the Future

2016 Robert Lindsay Rapture: The Art Of Sonia Payes Parallel Futures McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery

2016 Annemarie Kiely Profile: Face Value Vogue Living Magazine May/June 2016 pp.62-66

2016 Sasha Grishin Sonia Payes – Photo Essay The Rationalist Vol. 103 Summer

2016 Sculptures by the Sea Find New Home in Melville City of Melville WA p. 4

2014 Belinda Kochanowska Imaginarium QCP Emerging Curators Program

2013 Ashley Crawford Sonia Payes Inspired By Environmental Destruction Financial Review May

2012 Fantastic Dreamland - Exhibition Of Australian Photography

Surrealistic World Full of Classical Charm’ – Professor Lin Lu Exhibition Catalogue Essay

2012 Fantastic Dreamland - Exhibition Of Australian Photography
Dancers in a Dreamy Fantasyland of Images - Sun Yongkang Exhibition Catalogue Essay

2011 Luminous Interlude – Professor Marsh Anne Catalogue Essay